Dr. Margalit Ganor

Dr. Margalit Ganor

Margalit Ganor, PhD (1939), was born just two months prior to the onset of World War 2, making her a “baby Holocaust survivor”.

In her book The Light Through The Storm, Ganor describes two parallel journeys: Her parents’ brave escape with her from the horrors of war, and her own journey as an author, traveling back to her repressed past – which she penned for the sake of the next generations.

Ganor holds a Ph.D from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, served for 25 years as department head at the OU Israel and was a member of an EU education committee. Today she serves as head of education and member of the executive committee of the “Next Generation of Holocaust and Heroism Legacy” association.

Ganor lives in Israel and was married to the late Prof. Eli Ganor for 50 years. They have three daughters and four grandchildren.

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