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We promote the work of  academics, experts, and specialists in a variety of fields; such as science, medicine, psychology, education, business, language, health and many more. Our specialists gain worldwide exposure, increasing their stature as experts in any given field.

Our specialist authors include professors, businesspeople, lawyers, military figures, politicians, researchers, physicians, educators and more. Writing a book allows them to share knowledge in their field as well as new discoveries. Some experts  publish their autobiographies.

We strive to meet the needs of the author and build a personalized strategy for marketing and promoting their work. The process includes translation, language editing, production, book launch, marketing and promotion on Amazon, where it is exposed to millions of readers interested in the book’s field.


In order to weed out potential readers for specific fields, we have developed an algorithm and method for many of our experts’ books, helping them gain international recognition and selling their books to interested readers on

We also serve as literary agents, presenting and promoting books at international book fairs, which enables us to connect with suitable publishers and reach countries suitable for a specific field.

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