The Light Through the Storm
  • Author: Margalit Ganor
  • Language: English
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs

The Light Through the Storm

A perilous journey through the unthinkable. A riveting story of hope and survival. Can their faith shield them against unbridled hatred?

August, 1942. When they realize the danger of remaining under the rule of the Nazi occupation, Dr. Leon Schmelzer, his wife Donya, and their baby daughter attempt to flee Romania under the cover of darkness. Joining a dozen other brave souls, they hastily board a small ship, leaving behind family, friends, and the only life they ever knew – for a slim chance at survival.

But their path to freedom does not sail over smooth waters.

As endless waves threaten to drown what little hope they have, the desperate refugees find that the hatred in the hearts of men is more terrifying than any force of nature. And when they are shipwrecked and taken captive in a foreign land, Leon’s own faith and resolve are put to the ultimate test. Can he find the courage and resourcefulness to protect his wife and only daughter?

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