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My name is Benny Carmi. I was an on-line sales specialist for years before I decided to promote my wife’s book on Amazon. Not only was it a success, but it led me to promoting her second and third books as well as very successfully promoting other Israeli authors’ books. This transformed me into a specialist in creating top selling books on Amazon.com!

It took us a few more years and today, our company is also a publishing company and a literary agency, with an international catalogue of hundreds of books which we promote on Amazon as well as on various other platforms. We are now a company of professionals including translators and editors, designers and digital marketing experts, and we have agreements with other publishing companies and literary agencies from around the world.

Each and every author that I work with is given my utmost personal attention and I make sure that the entire process is a personal one.

I can honestly say that I have been blessed with getting to know so many amazing people who have written incredible books that are now available to readers all around the world.

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