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We turn a book into a “brand” by writing a suitable book description, designing a “Fit to Genre” cover, naming the book wisely and creating paid ads campaigns on Amazon and Facebook, while the writer plays an active role in this process.

The book is linked to the author’s page on Amazon, where readers can see pictures and videos of the author and read his or her biography. Relevant personal and professional information about the author helps to connect the reader.

Each book’s marketing campaign is personally designed in accordance to the field of their specialty and goals. Branding helps the marketing process and creates an organic traffic of readers who are drawn to a specific book or author based on their emotional structure, thoughts and interests.

If the author has more than one book, or a series, we create a “store” on Amazon, optimizing branding and interesting readers in all the books at the same time.

Amazon PPC

We specialize in creating marketing campaigns and promotions based on PPC ( Pay Per Click) advertising.

Amazon Marketing Services’ ad system enables advertising on the Amazon website itself. It is similar to the Google AdWords system, which offers searches for keywords – bidding on particular words that are related to the book so it can be found during user searches.

eBookPro in China

We have opened China’s doors for Israeli authors, allowing many experts, academic authors, as well as fiction writers, a place in the Chinese market. Being present at many book fairs in China has created close relationships with translators, publishers, agents, and distributors. We also host Chinese delegations several times a year in Israel to perpetuate business deals. The Chinese option includes translation, literary representation, distribution and presence on China’s popular websites. We also sell books in Hebrew to digital libraries in China. The number of Chinese university students interested in learning Hebrew and Judaism has dramatically increased over the past few years.

Opening China's door
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