Dr. Oz Guterman

Dr. Oz Guterman

Dr. Oz Guterman is a successful international speaker who lectures on personal and organizational excellence around the world. Guterman founded “Lada’at Group”, which has helped hundreds of organizations and thousands of managers in the business sector and government to achieve excellence. He even served as head of the think tank team in the Israeli Air Force’s academy of management and command.

Dr. Guterman has published dozens of his groundbreaking studies in leading journals and continues to publish hundreds of articles in the media every year. He also hosts a podcast, “The People of Tomorrow – Looking the Future in the Eye” and teaches advanced courses at Bar Ilan University.

Guterman has published five books, three of which are bestsellers. So far, tens of thousands of people have benefited from his practical and revolutionary writing.

He is happily married to Shiri and they have five children.

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