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  • Author: Nadav Kremer
  • Language: English
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It’s Beyond Me

It’s beyond me’ is the personal story of each and every one of us who has experienced a severe personal crisis in the middle of his life, and whose life immediately changes thereafter.

The protagonist of this tale, a successful man in his mid-forties, has already gotten married, and built a home for his wife and their three children, founded and sold a high-tech company for over a million dollars, and then experienced a total breakdown within a short period of less than a year. Both of his parents die. His wife asks for a divorce and he must leave his home and look for another place to live. Furthermore, much of his money, that was invested in the Madoff funds on the assumption that they were rock solid, evaporate into thin air. Another high-tech company which he established with partners and in which he invested a significant portion of his capital, collapsed during the global financial crisis of 2009. As usually happens after a significant life crisis, our hero seeks to rebuild his life, through sincere and honest dealing with the questions of our existence. During his journey, he meets a wise old man, who approaches him as an emissary of the supernal spiritual levels of existence. For the first time in his life, our hero is exposed to an ancient truth that comes from the world of the Jewish Kabballah and esoteric knowledge millennia in the past- the book of Zohar. There, he receives clear answers.

  • What is our essence as human beings?
  • What can we do here in the course of our short lives?
  • How can we best perform our roles?

The book discusses the fundamental spiritual matter that the creator made out of the void and which forms, in truth, all of the creation in which we live. It discusses the secrets of marriage between men and women. It reviews the various religions in this world and their role in it. It also discusses the special role of the Jewish People in the plan of the creator, and in particular, what is going to happen in our world in the immediate future if all of us, and the Jewish People in particular, do not make a fundamental change.

This is a true story, in which every detail occurred in reality, and which, aside from being fascinating and interesting, serves as a clear and immediate warning sign for all of us.

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