Sarit Amitay

שרית אמיתי

Sarit Amitay, MCIL, is one of Israel’s top business coaches, a licensed couples counselor, and a financial therapist. Born in 1967, Amitay’s relationship with money started at the age of twelve when she began babysitting for kids in her neighborhood. She learned to make, save, and manage money, and by fifteen, she became financially independent – celebrating with a trip to Disney World from the money she saved. However, Sarit’s marriage at twenty-three transformed her relationship with money into a struggle – when she became the owner and manager of a restaurant together with her husband.

The turning point in her journey to healing her relationship with money came in 2004, when Amitay started her coaching career. For nearly twenty years, she has helped thousands of couples achieve financial intimacy and navigate the treacherous waters of money conversations.

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