Lilach Binyamini-Koresh

לילך בנימיני-קורש

Lilach Benjaminy Coorsh has facilitated reflection and healing processes for the last twenty years. She gathered her experience as a therapist and Focusing teacher, certified by the International Focusing Institute in New York, and a certified Systemic Constellations facilitator and trainer, and used it to develop the 'Focusing in Respectful Parenting' approach. In her clinic, she meets with parents, children, and families for change-making sessions.

The philosophy of Focusing is at the center of her work. Lilach facilitates study groups and holds TAE (Thinking At the Edge) seminars – which teach people to apply the Focusing approach theory to practice.

She lives in a rural area with her partner and five kids (and two more who are always in her heart). Lilach holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Maryland and her experience includes seven years as a software engineer, eighteen years of homeschooling, and twenty-six years of chopping salad for family dinners.

Lilach is also a doula, a breastfeeding consultant, a Birth-Oriented Therapy senior facilitator and instructor, and a women’s advocate. Lilach believes in life – and implicitly trusts its wisdom, power, and flow.

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