Respectful Parent by Lilach Binyamini-Koresh

Respectful Parent – Thriving Child

A healthy relationship with your kids starts with respect.

Children have always been expected and encouraged to respect their parents. But are parents always mindful enough to give them the respect they deserve?

When we create a firm, mutually respectful, unwaveringly accepting bond with our children as they grow up, we afford them the support and self-confidence they need to grow into people we can truly be proud of.

Drawing on the highly acclaimed Focusing approach developed by Eugene Gendlin, combining core philosophies with practical tools and applications, Respectful Parenting is the revolutionary yet simple path to raising well-adjusted, happy, confident adults.

Lilach Benjaminy Coorsh’s own rich experience counseling parents and children in her private clinic inspired her to develop a unique method for successful and rewarding parenting. She accumulates her knowledge to teach therapists, counselors, and parents everywhere how to integrate Focusing into their daily lives to ultimately become a respectful parent – who raises children who thrive.

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