אורנה בורדמן

אורנה בורדמן

Orna Burdman was born in the southernmost coastal city of Eilat in Israel. Drawing inspiration from the sea, mountains, and desert that surrounded her in youth, she displayed a talent for writing at a young age.

For Orna, writing offered an escape from the learning disabilities she struggled with, and she would spend her days in school writing stories and sharing them with her friends at recess.

After completing her education, Orna married and had six wonderful children. She led various community initiatives before rediscovering her passion for writing, prompting five bestselling historical novels.

Orna’s books shed light on Biblical stories, breathing new life and color into the well-known tales. Her heroines lead lives of courage and strength, taking readers on a fascinating journey back in time.

Orna has been awarded Israel’s Public Library Award, and her books are included in the Ministry of Education’s curriculum. She is sought after for lectures about her books and personal development all over the country.

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