The Jewel of Judea: A Biblical Historical Novel

The Jewel of Judea: A Biblical Historical Novel

Tragedy made her a slave. Will she have the courage to take her fate into her own hands?

When Abigail is taken from her family in Judea to be sold as a slave to Janus, a wealthy Greek philosopher, she vows not to be the submissive servant he expects.

Sure enough, her sharp mind and even sharper tongue soon catch Janus’ eye, and he quickly discovers that she is far more suited to challenging his wit in heated philosophical debates than carrying out any mundane household chores. And the more passionate their arguments become, the more he begins to fall for the fiery, intelligent woman who stormed unexpectedly into his life.

But Abigail is torn between two worlds. In one, she is Janus’ equal, his partner and friend. In the other, she is no more than a slave, kept from her home and family against her will. And when word comes of the bloody rebellion unfolding in her motherland, she pleads with Janus to set her free.

Desperate not to lose her, he makes her a deal. If, after one year, he has not convinced her that she should stay – she will be free to go. Abigail accepts, determined not to be swayed.

But a lot can change in a year, and Janus and Abigail will soon be confronted with some of the hardest decisions of their lives. Because when love and freedom cannot coincide, sacrifices will have to be made.

Impeccably researched and vividly detailed, Orna Burdman weaves a captivating tale of courage, loyalty, and desire, bringing relatable characters and a beloved Biblical story to life.

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