Dr. Yossi Lev

Dr. Yossi Lev

Author Yossi Lev (1961) was born and raised in the city of Ramat-Gan, Israel. A senior Psychology and education lecturer, Lev was also educated in philosophy and musicology, and from a young age showed great interest in the world of mysticism, kabbalah, and other new-age approaches.

His greatest source of learning were his travels. For the last 28 years, Lev has traveled the world, a month each year, always to extraordinary and fantastic locations.

Together with nonfiction and academic research, Lev wrote a handful of stories for children and adults. His book The Cake of Happiness was well-received.

Lev’s writing is characterized by his natural flow between the real and the fantastical, the waking world and the dream state. As he likes to quote from Borges: “After all, writing is nothing but a guided dream.”

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