Shalva Hessel

Shalva Hessel

Shalva Hessel is a software engineer by profession and was raised in the town of Hibbat Zion in central Israel. She has managed data systems for companies around the world, bringing her expertise to the forefront of innovation.

However, her life took a sudden turn when she married Mossad agent Yoram. Shalva joined him on secret missions and underwent extensive operational training, becoming an integral part of Mossad operations.

Married to the Mossad, Shalva’s first book, tells her incredible true story, drawing on events she experienced, operations in which she took part, and her life in general. The book was under censorship for a decade before its release but has become a massive hit since then. It has made the Israeli best-sellers list, where it has remained for four months.

Shalva’s second novel, Passion Undercover in Tehran, was written after Yoram’s tragic death. It describes her continued espionage operations and reinvention of herself in the face of hardship – a testament to her strength and resilience. Shalva became an operational asset in her own right, providing valuable insight into a world few people have ever experienced. Her books are a must-read for anyone who wants to understand what it takes to win against all odds.

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