Lyle Howard

Lyle Howard

Lyle Howard was born and raised in South Florida. Married to his wife Riva, Mr. Howard has always been an avid writer. “As long as I can remember, writing fiction has always been my creative outlet.”

Lyle Howard first hit the literary scene with his first published novel “Mr. Sandman” in 1995. In the nineteen years since he has been teaching journalism classes to aspiring young writers.

“I don’t look at the world the way others do.” It’s this perspective on life that makes Mr. Howard’s novels unique and thought-provoking. “I look forward to getting back into professional writing.”

So don’t think that Mr. Howard has ever stopped writing during his teaching hiatus. He has eight more novels waiting for editing, so his fans can look forward to more excitement and tension for a while to come.

In his free time, Mr. Howard loves to walk the beach with his wife and hit the links with his golf buddies.

Lyle Howard is a Benjamin Franklin Digital Award SILVER HONOREE for his book “It’s About Time”

He asks that all of his readers please write an honest review on his Amazon page.

Social media info:
Facebook: Lyle Howard
Twitter: Lylehowardtweet

An interview with Lyle on “Many books”:

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