Liat Scheffer Ben Yakov

Liat Scheffer Ben Yakov

Liat Scheffer Ben Yakov is a teacher, a healer, a loving wife, and a devoted mother of three.

Liat has led CEOs, managers, entrepreneurs, and others to outstanding success for two decades. She holds a BA and an MBA in Economics, both magna cum laude from Tel Aviv University – one of the top universities in Israel. Liat also served in the rank of Major in the IDF.

But when a car accident threw her life onto a completely different path, she decided to dedicate her life to helping people live better, become healthier and be happier.

She established the “Masters Life Success Academy” to help adults, adolescents and children become the best versions of themselves.

Liat is also a social entrepreneur, and has a community of 15,000 people worldwide who choose to be the Masters of their lives.

She has written two books: “Lose the Diet Lose the Weight” and “Re(a)lationships 101”, explaining how relationships can and should be fun.

Her books are a reflection of over two decades of professional experience working with a wide range of people, as well as her own personal life story and the sometimes bizarre hardships she has been through.

Liat believes that only we can create miraculous changes in our lives, but sometimes we need some guidance and good advice from another person who has been in our shoes.

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