Esther Goldberg

Esther Goldberg

Esther Goldberg is a clinical and educational psychologist who specializes in ADHD.

For 40 years her work has included the diagnosis of ADHD, individual and group therapy for children, parents, and adults, as well as leading workshops for parents and professionals in the field. Goldberg is acknowledged as an authority by leading professionals, and by Prof. Iris Manor – chairwoman of the ADHD section of the World Psychiatric Association.

Esther was born and raised in Calcutta, India. At the age of 15, she went to boarding school in Llandudno, North Wales, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Wellesley College Mass. In 1976 she graduated with distinction from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

As an intern she was diagnosed with ADHD – a diagnosis that changed her life.

Goldberg has developed a groundbreaking therapeutic approach which combines her personal and professional experience with approaches originating in the East and the West, painting the subject in a brand-new perspective.

She teaches us to carefully observe and understand this wide-spread phenomena of ADHD in an empathic and non-judgmental way, while the cornerstone of her approach focuses on learning how to speak to, and not about, the people concerned.

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