Amir Peled

Amir Peled

Amir Peled is the creator of the Time Economy and Timefulness philosophies for success. After a successful career in the fields of product management, business strategy, business development, and marketing, Peled became a full-time entrepreneur, investor, and author. His life-long research into the driving elements of success culminated in the book Timefulness.

Peled has held key positions in the biotech and hi-tech industries for over twenty years. He is also a decorated IDF captain who set the IDF’s record for the 2,000-meter run among non-combat officers. Peled served in the Medical Corps Headquarters as part of his Academic Reserve service and completed degrees in mechanical (B.Sc.) and bio-medical engineering (M.Sc.).

Peled guided gifted children in an extended, rigorous biology program as part of a joint venture led by The Institute of Evolution at the University of Haifa and the Rashi Foundation, where he also represented the head of the institute in the Israeli parliament as part of an advisory committee aiming to shape the future of Israeli education. Together with Gila Gutman, he initiated a global educational program for gifted kids and worked as a youth guide for the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.

In September 2023, Peled appeared on the Israeli version of “Shark Tank,” breaking the record for the fastest investment ever offered by the show’s toughest investor. Peled earned the title of “The Israeli challenging Google” on Israeli prime-time media.

Peled is the inventor of a US patent for a novel AI Value-Based Search Engine (filed on July 28, 2022, before the most recent AI boom and the release of ChatGPT).

Originally from Israel, Peled now lives in Odense, Denmark, with Orit, and their three young children: Tamar, Noam, and Shaked.

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