World's Little Friends
  • Author: Orit Brown
  • Language: English
  • Category: Children & Young Adults

World’s Little Friends

Let’s save the world!

People once lived in caves, eating the fruits and vegetables they picked.

With time, things changed.

The world, which was a happy place in the age of caves, turned sad and angry.

It became polluted and felt like it was burning and suffocating.

And then, a new virus appeared, forcing us all to act differently.

The virus has changed our world, affecting every aspect of our lives.

We as parents have an important role to play under these new conditions: To give our beloved children the right tools to comprehend and learn how to act properly in this changing world. It is crucial to help our kids reduce the stress and anxiety caused by upheaval in our lives.

Through this book, children will realize the importance of protecting the environment and appreciate the values of sustainability and minimalism. This could be an important lesson in modesty and the choice between right and wrong.

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