Women Creating A World Beyond War and Violence- Ada Aharoni
  • Author: Ada Aharoni
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Women Creating A World Beyond War and Violence

Women: Creating A World Beyond War and Violence, depicts several important, moving and authentic aspects of women’s struggle for peace, in articles, poems, stories, and letters. There is no greater challenge in the world today than that of living in peace, respect and harmony with one’s neighbors, and women instinctively know that. At a time when the world is still caught up in the clutches of wars and violence, will humanity listen to women for a change? Can women of the world unite and throw the satanic belief that wars can solve conflicts, into the anachronistic dustbin of history where it belongs? War is not democratic, as most of the people of the world do not want wars. Will women, who are the majority of the citizens of the world – together with all the men who also yearn for a world beyond war – succeed in achieving their democratic right to live in peace?

Among the various subjects covered by this new book is a description of a quarter of a century of peace activity by: IFLAC The Bridge: Jewish and Arab/Palestinian Women for Peace in the Middle-East, including an important correspondence and cooperation with Mrs. Jehan El-Sadat, wife of the (late)President of Egypt, Anwar El-Sadat. The book also includes a section on: “The Four Mothers'” successful campaign to Leave Lebanon In Peace. It covers as well, several crucial aspects of women’s struggle and demands for abolishing violence against them, and for equal rights, in addition to the basic human right to live in peace, which is all at the foundations of a truly democratic society. Will humanity enable women to be at the summit talks of their fate? Will the media, worldwide, give women’s struggle for peace and equality, the backing, coverage, and credit they deserve? The Code of Ethics of the Media, clearly shows that it could indeed be so. The various writers presented in this book, clearly demonstrate that half the citizens of the world, the women, together with the men who have democracy at heart have indeed the creativity and power to create “A World Beyond War,” if they unite and take it into their hands to bravely do so. The British poet, Mathew Arnold rightly said: “If women shall come together purely and simply for the benefit of humankind, it will be such a power as the world has never known.”

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