When I Was Your Mother by Liora Carmeli
  • Author: Liora Carmeli
  • Language: English
  • Category: Romance & Women's fiction

When I Was Your Mother

A mother never forgets.


Maya and Gil are the picture-perfect couple: high school sweethearts with three beautiful children, a small house in the country, and seven years of blissful marriage. They really could not ask for more. But then Maya sees a report about a car crash, and a ten-year-old orphaned boy, and everything changes.


Because underneath the beautiful love story lies a secret. A ten-year-old secret that Maya had kept hidden since she was eighteen, when she decided to put her first child up for adoption. Now, a decade later, she is certain – the child in the report is her son.

As Maya finds herself unable to let go of her past, her secret slowly begins to uproot her present – her marriage, her job, and even her family. Can she trust her motherly intuition, or will her attempts to make up for her complicated past destroy all that she already has?


Liora Carmeli’s latest novel is a riveting, unputdownable story of love, motherhood, and the difficult price of new beginnings, perfect for fans of Lisa Wingate and Kate Hewitt.

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