Weekly Wisdom
  • Author: Anat Dor
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

Weekly Wisdom

NLP and Biblical texts merge to generate drastic changes in your life.

NLP has been gaining momentum around the world, and over the last several years has helped millions of people to achieve quality in many areas of their lives.

“Weekly Wisdom” is a unique book that offers a refreshing perspective on the highly regarded method of NLP, coupled with the ancient texts of the bible. This interesting merge of old and new connects the readers with their roots and gives them a set of tools for generating small but significant changes in their thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

This book is not merely a practical guide to NLP, nor is it just another generic interpretation of the bible. It combines two powerful and significant approaches to leading a better life.

Anat Dor, a personal coach and NLP trainer for over a decade, with 25 years of experience in education and bible studies, offers a unique peek through the modern method of NLP into the rich world of Jewish ethics, which has insights and reinforcements for all.

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