Wealthily Ever After by Sarit Amitay
  • Author: Sarit Amitay
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

Wealthily Ever After

Reduce conflicts and secure your romantic future by confronting one of the most challenging obstacles in your relationship.


Why do we have such a hard time talking about money? What makes money one of the three major causes of divorce in the modern world? How can we transform our relationships with each other by getting in bed with Mr. Dollar?


These are the driving questions at the core of Wealthily Ever After – a hands-on, eye-level guide on how to effectively (and affectionately) talk about money with your significant other.

From tackling the roots of our conflicts with money to establishing strong financial intimacy, every chapter in Sarit Amitay’s Wealthily Ever After supplies practical, affirming tools for building healthier and stronger relationships.

Based on Amitay’s nationally acclaimed Financial Therapy method, this book will help you gain a comprehensive understanding of money’s place in your relationship, as well as:

  • Remedying past traumas surrounding wealth and money management.
  • Getting comfortable with having money talks with family and loved ones.
  • Learning the core practices and principles that prevent conflicts and improve financial and social habits.
  • Practice financial partnerships and communication skills.


Whether you’re in a committed relationship or a budding new romance, learning how to communicate openly and securely about financial matters and moving forward together is the key component in making sure you live wealthily – and happily – ever after.

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