Waves of Desire

When everything is wonderful a woman shows up with a little boy, claiming he is yours…

Life is good in sunny Seaside Heights, Florida. Sage and Derek continue to split their time between his seaside cottage and the loft above her bookstore, Sequels. Between frolicking surf sessions and equally rigorous sets in and out of each other’s beds, life couldn’t get much better for the loving couple. But that bond is tested when Dana, a woman from Derek’s past shows up on his doorstep one day, bearing a little boy named Archie. But Archie isn’t just any little boy, he’s Derek’s long lost son – one he never knew he had.

Now Sage and Derek must grapple with their own relationship while struggling to help Dana, a struggling alcoholic, find sobriety, all while learning how to be parents to adorable little Archie. With Dana away in rehab, Sage and Derek settle down to play house. But can their carefree lifestyle absorb the added responsibility – and sex-free nights- of raising a precocious toddler? And what happens when Dana emerges from rehab, clean, sober and sexy as hell? Once again, it’s up to Sage and Derek to struggle with life’s capricious whims and endure, their love life stronger – and hotter- on the other side.

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