My Name Is Vittoria

My Name Is Vittoria

She left everything behind to save her family. It wasn’t enough.

Italy, 1942. In the northern country town of Vercelli, Vittoria and her Jewish husband Maurizio built a happy, safe life together for their four small children. They believe nothing can touch them, not even the dark clouds of war gathering over Poland, not even as the radio reports come in from Rome. But war has its own plans for Vittoria.

Before the Nazi army reaches their homes, Vittoria and her family make a desperate escape toward Switzerland, the only place they can be safe from certain death. Their journey to the border is perilous, but nothing could prepare Vittoria for what she will have to face there—or what she will have to leave behind if she wants to save everyone she holds dear.

On the cusp of freedom, Vittoria is confronted with an impossible choice. She can put her entire family at risk or leave one of her children behind. If she does, she all but guarantees the safety of her loved ones. But how can a mother choose between one of her own children?

Time is short, and every minute edges them closer to danger. With the fate of her family squarely on her shoulders, Vittoria must decide. It is a decision she will have to live with for the rest of her life

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