Twisted Addiction
  • Author: Liat Akta
  • Language: English
  • Category: uncategorized

Twisted Addiction

I wanted to be held by a strong, sensual, dominating man… and I got exactly what I wished for.

This is messed up.

It was supposed to be just a vacation – a few carefree weeks in Miami, chilling and partying.

Everything was going according to plan. Until he came along.


Breathtakingly gorgeous, abs to die for, dangerous eyes I could just drown in. Oh, yeah – and he’s a drug lord with a criminal record that puts mobsters to shame.

My brain screams run, but my dumb heart won’t listen. I don’t want to want him, but for some reason, I keep coming back – even when our passionate encounters bring me closer and closer to a dark and dangerous life, I’m not sure I’ll survive.

And he sure as hell isn’t letting me go.

But if my steamy relationship with the possessive Rick is teaching me one thing, it’s this: I’m the creator of my reality! And if I want to change it, I’d better change the story I’m telling myself.

Twisted Addiction is a standalone M/F dark romance with a jealous/possessive hero, forced proximity, and alpha male themes.

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