Twins of War- The Vow

Twins of War: The Vow

They made her a promise. But will they have the strength to keep it?

Nineteen-year-old twins Ania and Michalina are as different as two sisters can be. Though they share their long, golden locks, Ania revels in the gilded, careless life of high society Warsaw while Michalina yearns for something more.

Then, when tragedy strikes and World War II threatens to overturn their carefully composed lives, the sisters’ bond is put to the test. Separated in the chaos, Ania makes Michalina a vow: to keep Anton, Michalina’s beloved, safe.

Little does she know, Anton has made the same promise about her.

Thrown together in a city ravaged by war, Ania and Anton do all they can to survive and keep their oath. But with no end in sight, it’s only a matter of time before their loyalty to their loved ones, and to themselves, will face the ultimate trial.

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