• Author: Haim Dahan
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

Touches of Grace

Haim’s young life is transformed by a generous gift that keeps on giving

Read the story of Israeli philanthropy from the perspective of a high-tech entrepreneur whose life was transformed by an act of generosity. In it we see how the empowering gift that Haim Dahan received during his childhood planted within him the tremendous desire and responsibility to pass on the message of giving in order to maintain and strengthen the effects of this good deed. Learn how he and his friends coped with the key challenges involved in establishing a social-educational initiative.

You too can join the circle of giving and help change the world!

The book provides a comprehensive overview of the state of philanthropy in Israel, the need for increased involvement in social action, and the main challenges involved in establishing a social initiative. It provides inspiring examples of the power of each individual to join the circle of giving and repair our world and the world of the weak and needy among us.

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