Till We Say Goodbye - Nahum Sivan
  • Author: Nahum Sivan
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

Till We Say Goodbye

An amazing slice of Israeli history through the story of a family

Iraq, the beginning of the 20th century. A young Jewish man receives a threatening prophecy: he will have several sons and a single daughter, but she will go blind, and would be sacrificed for the boys. As the years pass, he gets married, immigrates to Israel with his family, and forgets all about the prophecy. Until the day when Maggie, his only daughter, is diagnosed with leukemia.

This is the first hand, true story of the author, the eldest son of this family. He unveils his extraordinary childhood and sheds new light on the saga of the Iraqi Jews’ immigration to Israel. He gracefully describes the hardships and wonders of life in this new land, while the menacing ancient prophecy lies always in the background…

Fascinating and gripping

A window to an area not yet explored about Israel – the concept of “Aliyah”, which is immigration to Israel from foreign lands. This book focuses on Aliyah that happened in the first decade of Israel’s modern day existence, in the 1950s.

This book will make you think, feel, and cry

“Till We Say Goodbye” is an incredibly emotional journey ”” from start to finish. It’s a slow pull of the soul, spoken in memories that glide through time, like memories often do.

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