There are no fools
  • Author: Hillel Lerman
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

There Are No Fools

There is no difference between a university professor and a custodial worker. Not one iota. Only their professions differ.

Ted and Jimmy have just completed their studies at the Georgetown University School of Law. They are about to leave the dorm room they have shared and head for home, but they argue. Jimmy claims that in a few short years he will be a U.S. senator. His father is a well-known lawyer and he will get his son elected. Ted says there’s no way; Jimmy’s not the senator type!

Professor Carter, happens to be passing by. They ask him if there is such a thing as a “senator type,” and if he thinks Jimmy will be able to fulfill his ambition. Carter’s response comes as a highly unusual suggestion: to join him on a tour around the world, with two weeks at different locations to help further his research. They will learn why George is a bus driver who spends every day making roundtrips between Washington and Baltimore, and why Edward is the British ambassador to Egypt. They are also going to get an answer to the question they posed to begin with.

˃˃˃ Inspirational novel

This inspirational novel artfully hammers the notion that there is no real difference between a university professor and a custodial worker; only their professions differ. This seemingly obvious truth has been presented clearly and convincingly in Lerman’s fascinating tale, which captures the reader’s mind and imagination from start to the surprising end.

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