• Author: Hadassa Mor
  • Language: ENGLISH
  • Category: Literary Fiction

The Vision of Jenny Merkus

The Vision of Jenny Merkus by Hadassa Mor is an historical novel, based on a true story about a wealthy Dutch woman, who went to Palestine in 1873, in order to build a gigantic, unique house in Jerusalem for Jesus Christ. Her mission was to fulfill a divine message she heard, begging her to build a house for Him after He descends from heaven to earth, following Doomsday. That was the vision of Jenny Merkus, which sent her on this crucial and dramatic voyage to Jerusalem.

While building the House for Jesus, Jenny’s idealistic nature pushed her to volunteer in the uprising that had broken out in the Balkan countries, in order to expel the Turkish regime from their lands. Jenny won admiration and glory as a heroic fighter, but she also lost all her enormous fortune by buying military weapons for the rebels, which left her completely impoverished, unable to complete the construction of the house in Jerusalem intended for Jesus.

The book is written with artistic images, humor and a truly absorbing plot. The writer imbues the pages with a broad range of historical events and intrigues, including the beginning of the Jewish- Arabic conflict in Palestine, with its massive implications to our days.

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