The Temple Scroll
  • Author: Erez Hassul
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

The Temple Scroll

They say the desert holds many secrets. But one secret lies beneath them all.

During their expedition into the Judaean desert, Yael and Nathaniel, 2 bright archeology students, happen upon a cave that was sealed for 2,000 years. A cave that holds the secret of a legendary treasure, said to have been lost since the last days of the Second Jewish Temple and disappeared from within its ruins.

2 millennia prior to their discovery, the daughter of a Temple priest and a Jewish rebellion leader are fighting to safeguard their home and heritage from the Roman invaders. They race against both time and adversaries to hide the Temple’s riches from greedy legionnaires, dishonorable soldiers and desperate pillagers.

Now in possession of incredible knowledge, Yael and Nathaniel hunt down the lost treasure, but there are ancient and powerful forces trying to keep the secret lost forever. They would rather bury the two alongside the treasure than let it see the light of day again.

Based on real historic events, The Temple Scroll’s fictional narrative spans over two thousand years of history, traditions, myths, and ancient secrets. It masterfully combines parts of Jewish history with thrilling, suspenseful adventures set in present-day Israel.

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