The Soul of Water by Maet Yael Or
  • Author: Yael Or
  • Language: English
  • Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Soul of Water

A World of Demons.

In the depths of the underworld, demons are toiling on a sinister plan that will help demonkind take over planet Earth. With the guidance of Hell’s chief engineer, Lucifer oversees the gathering and deconstruction of souls. By manipulating and corrupting the DNA of the soul, the demons draw ever closer to their conquest.

Two brave souls.

After narrowly escaping Hell’s secret laboratory, a pair of long-lost friends come into possession of vials of the interchangeable DNA. On their way back home, a run-in with a young and mischievous demon forces them to change their course towards Earth, where the Soul of Water resides – and where the corrupting solution can be cleansed.

An unexpected discovery.

From the moment she started her investigation, Tchelet knew she had her hands on the biggest scoop of her career. A piece so powerful, it will be enough to finally launch her career as a serious journalist. But as she traces the threads of her investigation, following strange beings and secret underground lairs, the more her story begins to unfold: a story of corruption and mystery, renegade demons and interdimensional saviors. And a final battle for the fate of humanity – and the very Soul of Water.

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