The Seer's Awakening
  • Author: Oded Shefer
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

The Seer’s Awakening

Karma, divinity, love, and self-reflection combine in an extraordinarily inspiring tale of transformation.

Haunted by traumatic events from his past, secret service interrogator Moshik Azulai encounters a group of individuals known only as “The Seers” – an ancient society claiming to be in direct contact with the divine. Equal parts suspicious and intrigued, Moshik convinces the group’s leader to let him join their ranks.

Harboring fear, hate, and distrust, Moshik must learn to cleanse both his body and soul before he is introduced to the Seers’ way of life. His initiation and the wisdom it entails will change not only Moshik’s life but the lives of all those he touches. The outcome is an engaging personal journey of overcoming physical and mental hardships.

The Seer’s Awakening offers timeless insights into the inner workings of our personal and collective worlds. At a time when countless people are living with uncertainty and despair, Moshik’s inspiring journey opens the door to personal self-reflection, compassion, forgiveness, and most importantly – healing.


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