The Secret Jewish Village by Yaël König
  • Author: Yaël König
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

The Secret Jewish Village

Italy, 1930. Amid the tranquil beauty of a half-forgotten mountain village, Donato Manduzio makes a critical discovery that shakes the foundation of his rural community of San Nicandro.


Scarred from his service during the Great War, Donato comes into possession of a book of Torah –scriptures of a culture none in San Nicandro had heard of. Believing Judaism has perished centuries ago, Donato converts, surprising the entirety of this completely Catholic village.

The Secret Jewish Village tells the story of Donato, penning his journey from illiteracy to enlightenment, but also of the whole of San Nicandro – a village seemingly frozen in time, until the arrival of war and faith force it to confront ostracism and change.

Under the shadow of World War II, the people of San Nicandro will never be the same.

Based on the true story of the convert congregation of San Nicandro, The Secret Jewish Village is a captivating tale of faith, transformation, and the unbreakable spirit of a community, perfect for fans of Angela Petch, Roberta Kagan, and Paradiso.

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