the science of freedom
  • Author: Michael Abraham
  • Language: English
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The Science of Freedom

So how can we know if human beings really have free will?

The question of whether or not we have free will (libertarianism) has accompanied us since the beginning of philosophy and history. In recent years, the issue has started to move from philosophy into the field of science, especially neuroscience. This book shows that scientific findings do not decisively demonstrate the correctness of any answer, and that the question is still a philosophical one. It begins by defining the relevant terms, primarily free will and determinism, showing that incautious definitions lead to quite a few errors in the discussion of these issues.

For answers, check with philosophers and thinkers!

Examining the issue of free will from various angles, in clear, accessible language for the educated reader, it offers a consistent and systematic basis for a libertarian approach that is in accordance with scientific findings, showing that it arises naturally from considerations of common sense and various philosophical aspects.

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