The Recruiter: A Thriller
  • Author: Ilan Arad
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Recruiter: A Thriller

He is a well-known director. She is an international model. Both are not who they seem to be.

For David, it was supposed to be just another commercial gig: pick up the talent, film the commercial, and get paid. Being a well-known film director and an infamous industry womanizer, David thought his only care in the world was his frequent vice of shadowy “massage parlors.” But that all changed when he met Isabella – a stunning model with secrets of her own.

Through Isabella, David becomes aware of the underbelly of the world he thought he knew: a world of sex work, human trafficking, violence, and questionable morality. As the tall, dark, and mysterious woman draws him closer, David must make a choice: He can walk away from all of it.

Or he can be recruited.

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