The Power of Animal Messages
  • Author: Noah Goldhirsh
  • Language: English
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The Power of Animal Messages

Discover the secret gifts we receive from the animals we meet

Throughout history, human cultures have had strong connections with animals. The animals communicate with us through their behavior, the sounds they make, their body language, and direct, easily interpreted spiritual messages.

The ANIMM method is based on the practices of the original Native Americans and is a means of communication through animals that has been adapted for the contemporary world. It allows each and every one of us to receive messages from the universe and understand various situations in our lives through the animals we meet – some physically, and others virtually.

The Power of Animal Messages includes 54 animal cards and 150 number cards that will allow you to:

• Discover your personal Totem Animals

• Receive spiritual and practical messages

• Connect to your inner strengths

• Heal yourself and those around you

Noah Goldhirsh is a senior therapist and lecturer. She has been developing innovative healing methods in the field of alternative medicine for the past 33 years. In her book, she shares the significance of the animals around us and divulges easy-to-understand and practical therapeutic methods.

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