The Power Bells
  • Author: Maytal Ramati
  • Language: English
  • Category: Children & Young Adults

The Power Bells

Four magical creatures that will change your world.

Hey kids!

Have you ever felt hurt or scared? Have you ever felt alone?

We want to tell you that we are here for you! That you don’t have to deal with all this by yourself.

Being a child and going to school is not as easy as we parents think. Our children need to make hard choices and deal with challenges on a daily basis, usually without having the right tools.

The lives of Libby, Yalli, Amit and Roni are not much different than other children’s lives. But they find magical creatures who help them – The Power Bells.

The Power Bells represent the four elements; Fire, Air, Water and Earth a. They help children around the world deal with daily situations and make good choices. These lucky kids know: “The moment you call us, we will be there in a snap.”

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