The Partisan's Daughter

The Partisan’s Daughter

She gave up everything to save his daughter. Now he wants her back.

Warsaw, 1945. Having survived the holocaust and the death of his wife, Aaron returns to his ruined hometown. Three years ago, he and his wife Raizel made an impossible decision to secure their daughter Machale’s life. Having left her in the care of a local Christian family, Aaron and Raizel believed their choice would spare their daughter from the horrors to come. Now, standing alone in the ruins of his once peaceful home, Aaron assumes the worst.

Then a chance encounter sparks the hope of survival.

Warsaw, 1942. On her way to Sunday mass, Magda discovers the unconscious body of a young girl, laying on the banks of the Vizsla river. Without second thought Magda takes the girl in, risking more than her own life to protect the girl—and her incredible story.

The fateful meeting between Aaron, and the woman who saved his daughter brings forth unfathomable passion and heartbreak.

Inspired by unbelievable true events, The Partisan’s Daughter is an unforgettable novel telling the amazing story of a father who is ready to do anything for his daughter, and of the woman who risked everything to save her.

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