The Orphans' Home: Inspiring Stories From Janusz Korczak's Orphanage
  • Author: Michal Ben Gal
  • Language: English
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs

The Orphans’ Home: Inspiring Stories From Janusz Korczak’s Orphanage

Warsaw, World War II. The streets are empty and the atmosphere is grim, but from a spacious, white building with sun streaming in through the windows, children’s laughter can be heard.

The Children’s Home is a sanctuary – a safe haven, school, and a place to call home for Jewish orphan children with nowhere else to go. Under the kind and perceptive eyes of caregiver Janusz Korczak, 107 children thrive and bring life to a city ravaged by war.

In 25 inspiring and heartwarming stories, the incredible and almost forgotten life and educational work of Janusz Korczak, the father of orphans, come to light. With little to no resources in one of the darkest of times, Korczak built an educational system based on respect, trust, and cooperation, which we have much to learn from, even today.

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