The Officer of Dachau: A gripping and unputdownable WW2 historical novel
  • Author: Dorit Journo
  • Language: English
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs

The Officer of Dachau: A gripping and unputdownable WW2 historical novel

She made a courageous choice in times of unparalleled turmoil. Could her family survive its consequences?

New York, 1963. Ever since he was a young boy, struggling to survive among the rubble of bombarded Berlin, Manny Heimann knew he wanted to be a doctor. Having barely managed to escape the terrible fate of Mischling German children, Manny is adamant about dedicating his life to helping all those in need… Until a familiar face enters his clinic one fateful afternoon, threatening to uproot everything he believed about human kindness – and cruelty.

Berlin, 1929. Twenty-year-old nurse Ilse Heine spends most of her time dutifully tending to the sick and injured people of the city when she meets the striking Johan Kirche. At first, Ilse is captivated. But as their courtship ensues, Johan’s words become harsher, and Ilse begins to see something change behind his once beautiful blue eyes…

When she discovers Johan is not only a member of the Nazi party but a brutal SS officer, Ilse ends their relationship. But as the Nazi party sweeps through Germany, and Jews and their families start to disappear, Ilse’s past comes knocking on her family’s door – and their future will be forever changed.

Fans of Schindler’s List and Roberta Kagan will feel right at home in this heart-wrenching, surprising, powerful story about resilience, love, and kinship set in the darkest days of World War Two.

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