The Lives of a Soul by Ayelet Tsur
  • Author: Ayelet Tsur
  • Language: אנגלית
  • Category: Literary Fiction

The Lives of a Soul

An extraordinary tale of the cycle of the soul, and its unique role in shaping our many lives.


What is a soul?

What does it mean to repair the soul?

From where does the soul derive?

Where do we come from, and where are we going? Are we vessels? Are we souls? When does the soul enter the body, and what is its role?

Told from the perspective of Emily, one of her soul’s many incarnations, The Lives of a Soul portrays the incredible journey of the soul and the cycle of its existence: remembering experiences from previous cycles, preparing for the descent to its next cycle, and beginning a new life along the Path of Light.

Through various lessons, interwoven throughout a fascinating life story, this extraordinary book is an eye-opening revelation into past-life therapy, opening our spiritual eyes, awakening to the evolution of our souls, and healing our wounds of the past through the incredible power of letting go.

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