The Lens of Therapy
  • Author: Anat Botzer
  • Language: English
  • Category: Business, Self-Help, How To

The Lens of Therapy

What is the hidden potential in the connection between photography and psychotherapy?

Phototherapy, a budding field in psychotherapy, combines two worlds together to create a therapeutic method based on a passion for the visual.

The Lens of Therapy provides a unique glimpse into this developing discipline, unraveling the similarities in the bond between photographer and object and that of therapist and patient.

In a brilliant analysis, Anat Botzer, a psychotherapist and artist, highlights the hidden layers in the relationship between a therapist and a patient, comparing them with the layers in the creative photography process – using examples of great historical creative personalities such as artists, directors, theoreticians, and even characters from Greek mythology.

All these combine to provide a comprehensive and enlightening introduction into the contemporary, magical field of phototherapy – therapy through photography.

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