The Last Visit to Berlin
  • Author: Ruvik Rosenthal
  • Language: English
  • Category: Biographies & Memoirs, Literary Fiction

The Last Visit to Berlin

One woman’s decision. The fate of an entire family…

Berlin, 1933. Erich, a Jew, and Hilde, a Christian, are a young couple, the parents of Yvonne, and owners of a small book publishing firm. With Hitler’s rise to power and the persecution of Jews, their lives are destroyed in an instant.

The Nazis burn their books and, fearing for their lives, the family is forced to escape to Holland.

The many hardships, however, tear the family apart when Hilde chooses to return to Germany together with Yvonne, leaving Erich, who immigrates to Palestine. Will he ever see his family again?

The Last Visit to Berlin is a saga that spreads over one hundred years in the lives of the members of the Freyer family. The novel follows the most difficult moments the family went through. It tells the story of the tragic destiny suffered by generation after generation in Germany and in the Land of Israel, reliving their shattered beliefs and documenting their stubborn insistence on living a good life under the shadow of memories and loss.

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