The Last Hunt (Yael Lavie Book 2)
  • Author: Maor Kohn
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Last Hunt (Yael Lavie Book 2)

In the prequel to Maor Kohn’s bestselling debut, Yael Lavie races against time to stop a vicious hunter stalking his prey in the lawless no man’s land of the Jordan Valley.

Fresh out of the academy, newly appointed Inspector Yael Lavie is called to an unusual murder scene in the rural outback of the West Bank. What starts as one murder quickly turns into a killing spree across one of the most controversial military zones on Earth. Only Yael and her allies can hope to stop the hunt with minimum casualties.

The more Yael digs into the case, the more questions she uncovers. Why were the victims tortured before they were murdered? Could the cause truly be just a local gang war, or is there a darker personal motive behind the killings? And how do they all relate to a series of cold murders, over half a century old? Yael and her team put everything on the line, but the killer is always one step ahead.

Will they manage to hunt him down in time or will they become the hunted themselves?

A slow-burning thriller from the co-creator of Apple-TV’s hit show, Tehran.

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