The Kingdom - Amir Or
  • Author: Amir Or
  • Language: English
  • Category: Literary Fiction

The Kingdom – Part One

Encounter King David – a man of many secrets who wishes to reveal all…

David’s official history already appears in the Bible, but he wishes the “true story” of his life to be known. The Kingdom portrays King David as a real flesh and blood man: ambitious renegade and strategist, boundless lover, tormented father, politician, poet, and despot.

Power, passion, love, and adventure in a remarkable rendering of the biblical story

It’s the 11th century BC, and David struggles to establish a Hebrew empire in what had been the Canaanite lands. Gods, men, kings, women, and heroes are thrown into a whirlpool of passion, adventure, and the struggle for power.

Search your soul through this biting satire on contemporary reality

Not only a historical novel, The Kingdom is also a satire on contemporary reality with a critical view of the Jewish national story. It offers a stinging indictment of modern Israeli politics.

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