The Karma Effect

The Karma Effect

Life is a big boomerang – You reap what you sow

Getting a divorce can bring out monsters and malice, lack of compassion and vindictiveness in the person with whom you shared a bed for years and established blood ties by bringing children into the world.

This behavior, however, will usually find its way back to the wrongdoer, sooner or later, and hit with a vengeance. After all, it is a well-known fact that Karma is a Bitch.

This book is a close examination of the institution of marriage and the process of divorce, providing valuable insights that might preserve your marriage—or at the very least, allow you to go through divorce procedures wisely, manage the proceedings effectively, with legal and personal humanness. It also answers the following critical, burning questions:

What are the monsters that gnaw away at your marriage?

*How can you protect your children as much as possible during the process?

*you prevent divorce wars, and are there any that end well?

*Can cheating save the institution of marriage?

*What does refusal to sign a financial settlement mean?

Through dozens of stories from real life, laced with humor and emotions, Adv. Ruth Dayan Wolfner, who heads one of the largest firms in the field of family law in Israel, provides a deep understanding of the divorce process. She teaches you how to recognize what is truly important within the dizzying

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