The Journeys of Bussik ,Prince of the White Clouds
  • Author: J. Tal
  • Language: English
  • Category: Children & Young Adults

The Journeys of Bussik ,Prince of the White Clouds

When children are outside in the fresh air, they look up at the sky – which may be bright, cloudy or even sometimes dark and gray.

“But what is there hidden behind the clouds?” they ask. “Might there be kingdoms of creatures that look nothing like the children of earth, but who feel just like they do – sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and always delighted to play with their friends? Could it be perhaps, that in the realms behind the clouds all of our dreams are realized, and that is why the clouds change their shapes and sail in all directions?”

In this book you read about the journeys of Bussik, Prince of the White Clouds, through the sky, and how he was able to overcome the scary Clouds of Malice by using traffic rules for safety, in order to get to the other side of the sky to visit his friend, the sad Prince Gogol.

The story is about the start of a wonderful friendship between the two princes and the doctor, and is the prequel to the following tales:

“The Journeys of Gogol, Prince of the Gray Clouds” and “The Travels of Dr. Cloud, the Traffic Expert”.

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