The Holy Grail Code
  • Author: Ehud Peled
  • Language: English
  • Category: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Holy Grail Code

A revolutionary idea. A peerless investigator. And a race to find the truth about God on Earth…

Veteran investigative journalist Ilana Perez has seen her fair share of the unusual and the unexplained. As the reporter and producer of “As a Matter of Fact”, TV’s number one investigative expose’ program, she deals with bizarre occurrences and strange incidents in the same eloquent and well-groomed manner as she does her personal life.

When a freak plane crash leaves five people dead without explanation, Perez’s journalistic instincts push her to question its causes. Unknowingly, she dives headfirst into a rabbit hole of deception and conspiracy, going back over two thousand years – to the legendary Holy Grail, and the legacy of God on Earth.

Five anonymous graves, a DNA test, and a blood-red trail lead Perez and her team to the best kept secret in history locked deep inside the holy land’s hidden vaults. Surrounded by intelligence officers, high-ranking clergymen, and unprecedented political powers, Perez and her team slowly learn how some secrets are better left undisturbed.

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